One of the core values on which Team One Credit Union was founded on was humanity.

A diverse group of teachers saw a need to help new teachers meet such basic essentials as shelter, clothing and food. Eighty-five years later we continue to live that value in word and in deed, as evidenced by our membership, staff and leadership.

We are actively engaged in the communities we serve, because the Board of Directors of Team One Credit Union strongly believe that no one flourishes when some suffer. At times we are called upon not to put our own self-interest first, but to determine what is in the best interest of all humankind and then to act and make a difference.

If equitable and respectable treatment is what we want for ourselves, then it must be what we work towards and want for all. Therefore, we support ending discrimination and prejudice, bringing about positive changes to all communities.

These are the values of Team One Credit Union: it is what we have worked towards in the past and will continue to work towards in the future.

~Board of Directors